Patented CableLock(R) System with Integrated Retractable Steel Cable and Combination Lock, the Cyclone Baldo keeps opportunists at bay! Want to keep your belongings safe?  Keep them in Cyclone Baldo.

For the first time, you can leave your luggage at the table, turn around for a conversation or leave the room WITHOUT worrying about all your luggage all wheeled and ready to be taken.... by someone else!

NEW!  Cyclone Baldo features a built in cable lock with release coil and quick retract button, which allows you to QUICKLY AND EASILY SECURE your collection to any firm seconds!  

No need to fumble around searching for that spare padlock!

No need to drag all your cases into the toilets behind you!

No need to keep a constant guard over your luggage at a time when youre supposed to be relaxing!

Simply pull the cable lock out of the bag, pull it around a firm and fixed object, and pop it back into the bag!  Spin your numbers and only you will be able to remove the bags when you choose!

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