EasyGlide(R) Motion with high quality 360 degree rotational wheels, allow the Cyclone Flo to move and steer with ease and minimal effort. The Flo is TRUE 2 OR 4 Wheel mode luggage thats built to last.

Available in 3 sizes and 4 stylish colours, the smart design and sturdiness of Cyclone Flo afford it's travel anywhere, anytime, with anyone!

The Flo model is rare amongst four wheel luggage models, due to its enlarged rear wheels, which allow secure, stable and reliable use of the Flo range in either 2 or 4 wheel mode!

It's solid base protects your belongings from water ingress and impact damage, whilst its strong fabric weave and firm panel construction allow maximum loading whilst still affording the best protection of any soft luggage case.

Contains substantial expanders to increase capacity when you need it most.

Unique front panel features small coin pocket plus much larger "duty free" pocket which allows the carrying of extra last minute shopping at the airport.

Large and medium sizes are compatible with all airlines' checked baggage provisions.
Cabin size is suitable for most long haul international airlines eg British Airways.

Sold Indivdually:  Small £64.99  Medium £89.99  Large £114.99

Sold as a Set:  £269.00

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