Unbreakable Luggage! Only from Cyclone London! A new era in quality and price point for hard-wearing luggage has dawned, with the birth of Cyclone Zeus!

All-New for Summer 2014, the Brand New Design, and a Revolution and Breakthrough in Luggage Engineering, Cyclone Zeus is All About Hardcore Strength! There are No Pretty Frills, No Cosy Grips, and No Cute Pulling Straps on this Beefcake - Expect Tough, Strong, Versatile, Hard-Wearing Unbreakable Suitcase comprising The Incredibly Strong CyFlex(TM) Shell Material! Check out our Videos section and see what levels of abuse Cyclone Zeus has been designed to withstand! Available in Black or Pink, Be sure to travel with the Toughest Luggage Available Today! Cyclone Zeus Unbreakable Luggage*!

(*Unbreakable Luggage stated as being so under normal use, and has been tested to loads up to 30kg. Improper use, mishandling, intentional abuse, neglect or wilful damage not covered under warranty).

Sizes Available
Model Number
4.70 kg
Available colours
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